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Is Peanut Butter Vegan? (A Full Explanation)

After publishing our ultimate guide to vegan diet we’ve been getting lots of questions from our readers, one of which stood out to us: “Is peanut butter vegan?”

The quick answer is:

Yes, pure peanut butter is vegan — the word “butter” might be misleading, but it’s not a dairy product. However:

You need to pay attention to the labels of manufactured butters.

Simple, natural versions are made of peanuts only, plus a pinch of salt, both of which ingredients are obviously 100% vegan.

Some companies, however, implement various additives in manufactured butters:

  • Added sweeteners (typically sugar, but if you don’t eat honey, double-check the label to make sure you didn’t get one of the honey-sweetened versions);
  • Stabilizers (natural peanut butter easily separates into solids and oils and needs to be stirred before use, so some manufacturers add extra ingredients to prevent this — the good news is, stabilizers typically are vegetable-sourced);
  • Additives that extend shelf life;
  • Taste enhancers (including chocolate and other dairy-containing ingredients).

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If you want to have a full control over the ingredients that go into your butter, consider making your own peanut butter at home. Cooking it is as simple as toasting some peanuts and blending them (along with any other ingredients you choose for extra flavor) into a thick paste. This way you know exactly what your butter was made of, plus you can create exactly the consistency you enjoy!

Manufactured or home-made, pure peanut butter offers a lot of health benefits:

  • Source of vitamins and minerals;
  • Rich in dietary fiber;
  • Source of vegan protein;
  • Source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

The Bottom Line?

When shopping for peanut butter, look for a natural product with little to no additives and sugar. A pure, natural peanut butter is 100% vegan, healthy, and full of essential nutrients.

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