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15 Surprising Ways to Use Orange Peels at Home

9. Make Orange Zest

Make Orange Zest –

Well, this one’s obvious. This is probably the most popular use of orange rinds.

What’s a better way to start barbecue season than a citrusy marinade for your chicken, pork, and beef? Use the zest to add a tangy taste to your marinades.

Another way to use orange zest is to add it to your tea or coffee. Not only will you get a boost of energy from your pick-me-up cup but you’d also feel refreshed!

For a more citrusy and summery flavor, you could make a citrus zest with orange, lemon, and lime. Go crazy with it and add it to your pasta or mix it with bread crumbs.

Run a peel on a shredder and use the zest for your baked goodies.

Want to revamp your all-time favorite fried foods? Add the zest to your batter to lighten up the flavor.

10. Create Orange-Infused Salad Dressing

Create Orange-Infused Salad Dressing –

Watching your weight? Give your salad a nice spin by making an orange-infused olive oil or vinaigrette.

Having more options for your dressing makes it easier to stick to your salad diet. You won’t be bored with the monotony of the dish as you can mix and match ingredients and dressing.

11. Make Candied Orange Peels

Make Candied Orange Peels –

Can’t live without sweets? Take control of how much sugar you’re getting by making your own candied desserts. This is one of the popular benefits of orange peel among dessert lovers.

To prepare, cut peels into strips and boil in a large pot for 15 minutes before draining. Mix sugar with water and bring to a boil over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Put the strips back into the pot and bring to a boil again before putting the pot into a simmer.

Coat the strips with a cup of sugar on a baking sheet. Slowly lift the peels and transfer them to a foil sheet. Let the coating dry for about one to two days.