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15 Science-backed Eating Habits that Prevent Cancer and Other Disease

15. Learn how to say no

Learn how to say no –

If you socialize often or end up being around unhealthy foods a lot, you’ll notice that you’re constantly being offered things like cupcakes, candies, fried foods, chips, pizza, and other high-calorie foods.

Sometimes, it’s okay to say “yes please!” to these offerings, but if you say yes every time, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. You have to be able to say no thank you sometimes and mean it. Rather oddly, some people can be extremely pushy with their food offerings. But like any muscle of the body, if you exercise your “no thank you” muscle enough, you’ll notice that it gets easier and easier to decline those unhealthy foods.

Remember that eating habits take time to hone, and you won’t be able to adopt all of these habits overnight. On the other hand, do take them to heart, and pick a few that you think will work for you. If you can strengthen your eating habits and master at least some of these, we guarantee that you’ll start to notice positive changes in your health and wellbeing.