Full List of Foods Never to Put in the Refrigerator



blackstrapmolasses –

When it comes to molasses, people often wonder whether or not they should refrigerate it, or keep it on the shelf. The reality is that molasses can survive quite fine on your pantry or somewhere else. That’s because molasses is made mostly from liquid-by-products which come from refined sugar. Since sugar holds moisture by being highly hygroscopic, bacterial growth is non-existent. In addition to this, putting your molasses in a refrigerator, will actually make it hard. That will make it even more difficult to use or pour. As long as the molasses are kept in normal room temperatures, it will have a long shelf life. Unlike many other foods, molasses seems to smell, look and feel the same; even after several years have passed from the moment it is first used. Some people report having bottles for as long as 10 years. Of course, the majority of consumers these days will not keep a bottle of any product that long.