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15 Amazingly Healthy Seeds and Nuts You Should Eat Every Day

15. Pine Nuts — a Complete Source of all Nine Essential Amino Acids

Roasted Pine Nuts -

Roasted Pine Nuts –

Pine nuts are loaded with nutrition. There are 13.7g of protein in 100 grams of pine nuts and they contain all nine of the essential amino acids and 19 of the 20 known amino acids. Pine nuts are an excellent source of the essential amino acid Leucine and contains 991mg or 36 percent of the daily recommended intake. In addition to the healthy benefits of Leucine, the top three essential amino acids obtained by eating pine nuts are Valine (687mg,) Isoleucine (542mg,) and Lysine (540mg.) Pine nuts are also a good source of vitamin A, E, niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin. Looking for an easy way to get all of your essential amino acids in one place? Pine nuts are just the ticket.