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11 Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Lemon or Orange Peels

Lemon is known for its powerful bleaching property -

Lemon is known for its powerful bleaching property –

Using lemon or orange peels has been reported to work well in the removal of stains and as a teeth whitener. The white part of the orange or the albedo, contains pectin, limonene and vitamin c. It also contains soluble fiber and glucarate. These compounds are often found in many of the teeth whitening kits sold all over. Lemon peels also contain similar ingredients as those found on orange peels. For best results, rub the white parts (the insides) of the orange or lemon peels on your teeth, before brushing them. Still, keep in mind, that these fruits are high in acid content. Because of that, they can also remove your teeth enamel. Simply brush your teeth well or rinse your mouth out thoroughly after each session.