10 most harmful sleeping positions and habits

10. Power naps

Power naps -

Power naps –

Winston Churchill, Napoleon and Einstein were all power nappers and we all know that getting in a much-needed power nap during the day can be good way of boosting your productivity levels. A short nap during the day can also improve your mood, increase alertness and give you more energy. However, if you make a habit of napping during the day then you are going to feel less sleepy at night which means that you will start a vicious circle of day time napping to catch up on your lack of sleep from the night before and on it goes, ad infinitum. Power napping can be a hard habit to get your body out of if it becomes too routine, so If you feel the need for an emergency nap during the day, try to keep it to a minimum of 20-30 minutes so that it doesn’t impact your night time sleep.